Underdog supports San Francisco Bay Area
Social Enterprises.

About Us



We target seed rounds, and often make introductions to other early stage investors.

Talent Management

Leveraging our network and expertise, we help organizations with the entire talent cycle- hiring, onboarding, learning & development, and forming Advisory Boards.


Advisory Board support, as well as the creation of earned income streams at our not-for-profit grantees.


ACCELERATING EDUCATION STARTUPS education technology company Union of Concerned Scientists Network of Teaching Entrepreneurship Junior Achievement Room To Read Stanford Solar Car Project Princeton University Center for Energy and Environment Carett Pasturemap NTFE


Underdog looks for the following criteria for those it supports:


Who is running the show? Are there at least 2 or more full-time entrepreneurs? Do they have the relevant skills- one who understands the market/ “demand” side, and one that understands the solution/ “supply” side?


Is the business easy to describe? What is the asset being built, and how protectable is it? Sorry for the cliché, but is it a “vitamin” or “painkiller”?


San Francisco Bay Area is our target so we can leverage our network.


Is the 1.0 version complete? Is there proof of demand? Reoccurring revenue?


What drives the founders? What is their vision and how hard will they fight for it? How do they plan to create and measure the social impact of their work?